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Proposal to finally end last indoor smoking exemption welcomed

Posted 15 Aug, 2022

Cancer Council Victoria and Quit Victoria welcomed the Victorian Government for introducing a Bill that will ensure an exemption for smoking indoors is removed from “High Roller” gaming rooms at Crown Casino. 

It has been conclusively shown that secondhand smoke increases the risk of cancer and cardiac issues among people who don't smoke. Crown Casino is the last enclosed workplace in Victoria to still expose staff to secondhand smoke.

Cancer Council chief executive officer Todd Harper AM said that everyone was entitled to be in a workplace with appropriate health and safety standards.

“Employees in Victoria’s bars and clubs have been able to work in a safe, smokefree environments since 2007, so it is disappointing that Crown employees have had to wait so long for similar protections,” Mr Harper said.

“However, we welcome this reform that would end this inequity. 

“I ask all Members of Parliament to support the protection of Crown employees from the harms of secondhand tobacco smoke.”

Quit director Dr Sarah White also welcomed the move. “Health groups have been calling for the Victorian Government to protect the health of Crown Casino’s workforce over any profit they make inside the VIP gaming rooms for many years. 

“Now that the opportunity has finally come, I very much hope that all Members of Parliament are going to vote in favour of this reform.”  

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